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Steve Courtney announces The Mark Twain House & Museum's next "Trouble at Home" episode.

Guest: Susan K. Harris

Many of you know Susan K. Harris and her fine scholarship, which over the years has treated Twainian subjects ranging from the courtship of Sam and Livy to the context in which Clemens espoused the anti-imperialist cause – along with a wealth of other subject matter, notably American women’s writing and the literature of immigration. This spring she came out with an unusual “in-the-steps-of” book, which could almost be called Following Following the Equator, but in fact is called Mark Twain, the World and Me: Following the Equator Then and Now (University of Alabama Press).

This Thursday, August 6, at 5:30 p.m. EDT, Susan will be in conversation with the Mark Twain House’s Director of Collections, Jodi DeBruyne, herself a keen scholar and traveler, in the next of the Mark Twain House & Museum’s “Trouble at Home” series. A virtual event on the Crowdcast platform, it is free, pretty user-friendly, lasts about 40-50 minutes, and provides an opportunity for questions.

It’s a work her publisher calls a blend of “history, biography, literary criticism, reportage, and travel memoir,” and Publishers Weekly says “opens a window on a person, and a past, that continues to resonate.”

Again, it’s free, and I hope you’ll tune in Thursday! To register, go here: (International participants: When prompted for a U.S. Zip code, just write “12345.”)



Steve Courtney, Curatorial Volunteer

The Mark Twain House & Museum

351 Farmington Avenue

Hartford, Connecticut 06105



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