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Agenda for Annual MTC Business Meeting

Don't forget that our annual business meeting is being held via Zoom on June 2 at 11:00 a.m. EDT! If you are a member of the Circle and would like to participate, please contact us directly and we will send out the Zoom link shortly before the meeting. All Circle members are welcome!

Below you will find the meeting's agenda.

  1. Welcome.

  2. Old Business (Harris):

  3. Website redesign

  4. Mission and Values Statements

  5. MTC/CMTS Awards

  6. The Circle during Covid

  7. MLA panel

  8. ALA panel

  9. New Business (Harris):

  10. Emerging Scholar Awards

  11. Graduate Student Workshop (MTC/CMTS Initiative)

  12. Blog Posts Committee

  13. Speakers Bureau

  14. Reports:

  15. Jarrod Roark: Executive Director

  16. Membership

  17. Financial statement

  18. Ben Click, Editor, & Joe Csicsila, Associate Editor, The Mark Twain Annual

  19. Submissions

  20. Subscriptions

  21. Financial statement

  22. James W. Leonard, Editor and Webmaster

  23. MT Circular

  24. Mark Twain Circle website/social media

  25. Joe Lemak: Director of CMTS

  26. QF Symposium 2022

  27. CMTS “Trouble Begins” lectures and Matt Seybold’s Blog Posts

  28. QF Fellowships

  29. CMTS/MTC joint initiatives

  30. From the Floor

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